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Directing & Cinematography Highlights

A sampling of projects shot and/or directed by Justin Norman at Shrieking Tree from 2013-2017.

Comedy Shorts
Brodown (2017)
The Payment (2017)
It’s Ron (2017)
Jeff & Jeff (2016)
We’re Gonna Be Rockstars (2016)
A Birthday Christmas (2016)
Leroy’s Big Day (2016)
Clementine (2016)
Nipswap (2016)
How to Fix a Car (2016)
Randy (2016)
The Afterparty (2016)
The First Smile (2016)
The Breadwinner (2015)
The Eye (2014)
Paved (unreleased)
Buddies Don’t Kiss (unreleased)
Whistle Boys (unreleased)
Time Machine (unreleased)

Beyond Expectations: Family Life (2017)
Northwest Iowa: A Land Beyond Expectations (2015)
Amsterdamn (2015)

Music Videos
MAIDS “It Takes a Little Magic” (2016)
Canby “Hallelujah” (2014)
Clocks & Clouds “Towers Fall into the Sea” (2014)
Clocks & Clouds “Lux Aeterna” (2014)
Clocks & Clouds “Exposition” (2014)
MAIDS “Seashell” (2013)

Beza Threads “In Ethiopia” (2016)
Witness Against Torture “Tariq ba Odah in His Own Words” (2016)
Luke Nephew “There Is a Man Under That Hood” (2014)

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