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The Eye

Comedy Short Film

The Eye is a PSA for summer days.

This animated entry in the Evil Grin Gift Box series began as an excerpt of a longer short called Cancellation Notice. In a meta-plot, the writers of Evil Grin break their camera and are forced to rely on animation, pitching a series of terrible ideas to their boss. The Eye was the funniest of the three animated sketches, and after to showing it to several people, we determined that it stood on its own better than in the context of the original meta-sketch.

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  • Runner Up Best Film

    Super Short Shorts
    Salute Your Shorts Fest 2017
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Official Selection

    • Snowdance Independent Film Festival 2017
    • The Great Canadian Sketch Comedy Film Festival
      Ontario, Canada
    • CK Film Festival Long Island, NY
    • Philly Sketchfest Comedy Film Festival
      Philadelphia, PA
    • Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival
      Ashland, OR
    • 2017 Comedy Shorts Film Festival
      Missoula, MT
    • Salute Your Shorts Fest 2017
      Los Angeles, CA
    • ISA Short Film Showcase
      Des Moines, IA
    • Interrobang Festival 2017
      Des Moines, IA
    • Lisbon Film Rendezvous 2019
      Lisbon, Portugal
    • DSM Film Society Open Screen Night 2015
      Des Moines, IA
    • RADplay 2017
      Iowa City, IA

Director, Animator, Character Design

  • Justin Norman


  • Justin Norman
  • Eric Allan


  • William Clarke-Fields

Sound & Editing

  • Justin Norman


Watch this film's trailer below.