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Jim Durocher Live at the Abbe Center

Jim DuRocher (of The Twelve Canons) plays his first show in more than a year, live at the Abbe Center in Marion, Iowa. This is the full half-hour show.

1. Sacrifice (0:24)
2. Listen Close (2:49)
3. High Ho (10:14)
4. When the Spirits Leave Me (13:24)
5. There’s No Getting Out (17:07)
6. The Spirit of Pregnancy and You in the Nude (20:49)
7. The Strength of the Womb (26:28)
8. Daddy Longlegs (30:22)

Songs written and performed by Jim DuRocher. Video by Palina Prasasouk. Live mix by Mark. Recording and mix by Justin Norman.

All but one song (“The Strength of the Womb”) are from the album, Volume Four: Sacrifice.

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