Shrieking Tree
John Hennessey Baker - Sound, AC

John Hennessey Baker

sound / assistant camera

John Hennessey Baker is a producer, sound recordist/designer, filmmaker and native Iowan. JB, as he is known to those closest with him, started creating videos at a young age – mainly in conjunction with the bands he played in. As an aspiring professional musician growing up, JB accrued a deep understanding and appreciation for the nuances of a truly lush recording. For as long as can be recalled, he has been an avid film viewer of all genres and influences. Upon attending the University of Iowa, JB quickly fell in love with the craft of filmmaking – starting as a sound operator and gradually transitioning into the camera department. Since beginning his career as a professional videographer and filmmaker in 2013, he has been dedicated to building and learning as an artist and storyteller.

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